Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mad Max Comes to Suburbia

My friend Ralph came by today to show us his new toy...I think Mad Max would be jealous!!!!!!!!!!

Ralph's homemade trike!

This thing is so cool-he made it from junked parts and scraps. The back is a converted Volkswagon engine/axle combo, and he gets an amazing 45 miles to the gallon! Ralph is a retired pipefitter, so welding the old Honda 750 front to the rest of this creation was not a problem. It is entirely street legal, and also boasts an air horn. The seats are from an old junked Datsun, and yes, the back seat reclines, and even has little foot rests that flip out for the passenger's comfort. On the 'back porch' platform, there is space for a rolled up tent, and two coolers. He even built a little secret compartment on the side to store things you don't want damaged by the elements when travelling. Ralph told me the estimated cost for this project was around $1800, and it's mostly made of recycled/reused parts, except for the gas tank, of course. I'd want that new, too.

Comes complete with a white picket fence to hold luggage for road trips, and neato skully rear light.

Now I just have to figure out how to convince Bill to get me one for Christmas. In pink.

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  1. this is awesome! now if I could figure out a way to have one that could fit carseats?