Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So I'm thinking of putting some videos up here, simple how-to's and demonstrations in the kitchen.

 This is me thinking in the kitchen...

With that in mind, does anyone have any requests? Ever wonder how to properly roast and carve a bird? Or do you want the art of bread making de-mystified? Perhaps you have an heirloom recipe for something, but never thought you could handle it without a little guidance? I'd love to step you through those kinds of things.

I'm always looking to broaden my culinary repertoire, so challenges are certainly welcome.

Eat well, have fun, and love lots!


  1. yes, I want to make true Italian pizza. like the one I ate in rome when I was little

  2. I think this is the right time of year to do a step by step on canning things from the garden. It's a lost art and we sure could use some normal canned food instead of the junk at the stores!