Thursday, January 27, 2011

My baby's a blogger.

Well, it's official! Olivia is now blogging. Come check out her interpretations of life as a homeschooled teenager at:

I was wondering when she'd catch the writing bug...part of the beauty of learning at home is that she can learn things at her own pace. Personally, I'd much rather she learn things like journalism, creative writing, composition and grammar through real-life experiences than by filling out endless facts on worksheet pages that will only be remembered for a test and then possibly forgotten. (I know, I'm cynical- of course that NEVER happens!)

Ok, off the soapbox now.

In other news, here is a fabulous picture that I took at our recent homeschool trip to the Aurora Fire House Museum. 

For those of you without x-ray vision, it reads: "I AM OLD...please do not climb on me."
I found it on an antique fire truck, but I think it would look great on a tee-shirt. Just sayin'.

Ah yes, food....I have been neglecting my duties here. So right now I am looking for great gluten-free recipes to share with my good friend who just found out her little girl has that Celiac thingie...not fun! I found a good one that I will make this weekend for retreat with my ladies.

Sausage Rosotto

In a large stockpot, place a half a package of Arborio fino rice and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Gently stir over medium heat for about a minute. Then add 6 cups of chicken broth, one cup at a time. When the broth has been absorbed and your pan is getting dry again, add another cup and stir it in. This is a very needy dish to make, as it requires a lot of attention. While you are waiting in between doses of broth, in a separate pan saute some Italian sausage over medium heat. Cook this until it is all done and the sausage is no longer pink inside. 

Then add some chopped onion, garlic and green pepper if you wish, cooking until the veggies are a bit limp, but not completely soggy. Cooked crisp, I guess.

When all 6 cups of broth have been added and absorbed, then cut up the sausage and add it and the sauteed veggies into the rice pot. Add about a cup of parmesan cheese and a bit more broth, maybe some parsley or basil, black pepper to taste, and VOILA! Risotto. Also good with cooked cubed chicken.

In the meantime, eat well, have fun and love lots!



  1. 2D I am so happy you have this blog! I am going to try that recipe. I have always been afraid to try Risotto because they make such a big deal about it on cooking shows.

  2. Don't let that pesky rice scare you! You can do it-all you need is a lot of patience and a strong stirring arm.